Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ways To Get More Exercise: For Those Who Are Active

If you already have a fairly active lifestyle but would like todo more exercise, great! It's likely that your fitness levelsare already quite high. If time is your limiting factor, youcan be creative about working more exercise into your dailyroutine. First, actually scheduling time into you day to do yourexercise is important. Too often, exercise is the firstcasualty in a busy schedule. If you treat your exercise like animportant meeting that cannot be re-scheduled or interrupted,you will get a chance to do it and get into a regular routine.Organizing to meet a friend is a good way to ensure that youactually do the exercise. Knowing that you will let your frienddown if you don't go is often the additional motivation you needto get out there and just do it! Do you drive to work? Chances are that if you work in a cityoffice block, traffic will be congested and you may be able toget to work in a similar time by jogging, walking or ridingyour bike. If doing the school drop off is what's keeping youfrom fitting in your run before work, group together with agroup of other parents and organize a carpool. This way, youwill have one or two more free mornings or afternoons to slotin some time at the gym, or to get out and play sport. If youcatch public transport to work, jump off a few stops early andwalk the rest of the way. Just 15 minutes more each way givesyou your total recommended exercise for the day! If you have children, putting them in a stroller and going fora walk can be a great way of keeping them entertained andgiving you some additional exercise. Getting involved in yourchildren's activities is another way to maximize your exercisetime and also to bond with them. Join them in a game of tag, orjump with them on the trampoline. You'll be having so much funthat you won't even remember that you're exercising! Incorporating more exercise into your day does not have to bedifficult. Small bouts of activity frequently add up to asignificant amount of exercise by the end of the day. You oweit to yourself to exercise and stay healthy.About The Author: Want to be healther? Visit

Friday, May 25, 2007

Losing Weight The Right Way

Anyone who tells you that you need supplements to lose fat iseither misinformed or is trying to sell them to you. Losingweight does not come from a bottle there is no fat burningpill, drink or powder that has ever being proven to keep it offlong term. In American $30 billion a year is spent on losing weight. Dietprograms and products at first can help you loss some weigh.The only problem most of these millions of people regain thereweight back within the period of 5 years. Many fad diets that claim losing weight the right way such asrapid weight loss are more then likely succeeding short termdue to the expense of muscle loss or water loss or the both ofthem. Water loss and muscle loss should be avoided when losingweight and keep in mind that when it comes to bathroom scalesdo not assume that a scale measures how much weight you havelost if it involves muscle loss or water loss. When it comes to losing weight the right way I recommend you dosome type of physical activity. It can range from walking,walking the dog, aerobics, weight training, social sportsbasically anything that requires you to do some movement.Exercise is not only important to losing weight but youroverall health and well-being. Begin with a daily walk andcouple times a week do a different activity. Do not see it asall to hard to do the more you do something the easier it getsand the results can be very rewarding. Personally after I exercise I feel great at first when youexercise you can feel lethargic but when you get into it youwill be amazed with what you can achieve and how it makes youfeel. When it comes to losing weight anything that promises veryquick weight loss is more then likely trying to get you tospend your hard earn money very quickly by tricking youremotions. People spend a lot of their time and money ongimmicks and diet fads that only get used for a short time withlittle or no result. Losing Weight The Right WayAbout The Author: Tony Pescatore finds and writes helpfulinformation on topics he believes in. To get your Free Fat LossReport Big Fat Lies!! Go to